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Yoga is one of the most ancient cultural heritage of India. The word yoga in Sanskrit means "to unite", and so yoga can be said to connote a unitive discipline. In this sense it is an exercise in moral and mental cultivation that generates good health (arogya), contributes to longevity (chirayu), and the total intrinsic discipline culminates into positive and perennial happiness and peace.
Therefore, yoga is the said to be indispensable of the ultimate accomplishment in life. It is a science that affects not only the conscious self but the subconscious as well. It is a practical physiological training (kriya yoga), which if practised can exalt man to the 'supra mundane level'.

We encourage people through to use yoga as the key to establishing a connection between their mind, body & spirit.

"Regular practice of Yoga will help you to feel good in your body and revitalize you own self confidence with a deep inner strength"

Yoga and all other aspects of Yoga from beginners to advanced are taught at the KaraYoga [TM] School under the direction of Karate Sensei Dr. Sunit K. Gupta of the Psychic Realm based in Los Angeles.

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We provide World-wide special personalised authentic training of Kara-Yoga and Self Defence to individuals, groups and executives. Motivational and Business improvement Workshops also offered World-wide

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